United States Water and Power
A Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and Clean Water Technologies and Practices

EEnergWater Conservation, Clean Energy and Clean Water

United States Water and Power is a new, nonprofit public
benefit venture designed to promote water and energy
efficiency, conservation and clean water, clean energy
technologies, policies and practices.

U.S. Water and Power takes action regarding:

* Water and Power Resource Management.
* Local Air Quality and Global Climate Change.
* Energy Independence and Security.
* Environmental Protection and Economic Growth.


USWP is working in partnership with both the public and 
private sector. Partner with us in your state and your county and help lead your community in smart resource planning and sustainable resource development. Grow with us as our web community grows. Let's build the future together.
Main Office:

U.S. Water and Power
1179 Nelrose Avenue,                                    
Venice CA 90291                                             

Email: JohnCLeddy@aol.com                 


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