United States Water and Power

The 50 State Campaign

Clean energy and clean water is our goal. We emphasize energy efficiency because the cleanest watt is the watt never used. We emphasize clean energy production, such as solar and wind, to protect the environment and develop greater U.S. energy independence. We emphasize water use efficiency and conservation not only because of water scarcity in much of the country but also because the transport of water is so energy intensive. To save water – saves energy and protects the environment. Last but not least, protecting the average consumer is an important goal of U.S. Water and Power. The coordinated conservation and efficient use of water, gas and electricity is a winner for the pocketbooks of consumers everywhere. USWP is creating a Water and Power brand which defines environmental and economic sustainability. 

Join us in co-creating the Water and Power campaign in your state or your county. Join us in building a better future today.

Alabama                                    Montana                   
Alaska                                        Nebraska   
Arizona                                      Nevada                
Arkansas                                   New Hampshire                  
California                                   New Jersey              
Colorado                                    New Mexico
Connecticut                               New York             
Deleware                                   North Carolina              
Florida                                        North Dakota   
Georgia                                      Ohio
Hawaii                                        Oklahoma
Idahoe                                        Oregon
Illinois                                         Pennsylvania
Indiana                                        Rhode Island
Iowa                                            South Carolina
Kansas                                        South Dakota
Kentucky                                    Tennessee
Louisiana                                    Texas
Maine                                           Utah
Maryland                                     Vermont
Massachusetts                           Virginia
Michigan                                      Washington
Minnesota                                    West Virginia
Mississippi                                   Wisconsin
Missouri                                        Wyoming                     
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