United States Water and Power - The Water Campaign

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Local Action = Global Benefits: Water conservation and efficiency in the U.S.
and support for potable water and sanitation programs internationally.

The Water Campaign is a new nonprofit public benefit
California corporation. It is organized for charitable,
educational and scientific purposes relating to water use
efficiency, conservation, water quality and watershed
protection in the United States and the support of potable water and sanitation programs for underdeveloped
communities worldwide.

Link to the following for international water information:

Water For Life - The International Decade for Water.

United Nations Water - The UN Mechanism for Water.

Millennium Development Goals - Goals to end Poverty.

The Water for the Poor Act - U.S. Foreign Policy tied to supporting water and sanitation for the developing world.

The Water Campaign - Water: Think global, act local.

The Principals of the Water Campaign are:

Tim Brick - Chairman, Southern California
Metropolitan Water District

Irving Sarnoff - Founder, Friends of the United Nations

John Leddy - President, U.S. Water and Power


Link to The Southern California World Water Forum.

ALSO:  In the near future look for ClickForWater.com
ClickForWater.com will be dedicated to providing information about the developing world water and sanitation crisis and provide simple ways for members of the public to make a meaningful difference.

ClickForWater.com is under development.

Contact for The Water Campaign:
JohnCLeddy@aol.com  Phn (310)822-9177
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