United States Water and Power


U.S. Water and Power Program

United States Water and Power is a new nonprofit corporation founded to promote sustainable water and energy technologies, policies and practices. We aim to implement our mission through education, research and development, coalition building and providing water/energy consumers with choices. We are working to build a future based on sustainable resource management. Our focus is on energy efficiency, water use efficiency, water/energy conservation, water quality and clean energy production. Our goals are a better environment, better public health and sustainable economies.



USWP County Water and Power Project:

On a county-by-county basis, USWP is helping residential and small business to pursue energy efficiency, water conservation, clean energy and clean water goals.

United States Water and Power is launching a statewide campaign to help establish clean energy programs on a county by county basis
throughout California and nationwide. USWP wants to help you establish a clean Water and Power program in your county.


United States Water and Power is committed to new technologies, policies and practices that will address water issues locally and globally. You will read about these projects and more.

Southern California
World Water Forum 
Water for the Poor Act 

United Nations Water

The Water Campaign
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